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Polystar Washing Machine Top Loader PVWD4.5K



Polystar Top Loader Washing Machine PV-WD4.5K is an efficient and effective high quality home appliance which enables you handle your laundry in quick time. It has a compact and portable design which ensures that less space in taking up in your home. It has low power consumption so you can conveniently use it over and over again without worrying about electricity bills. This top-load washer will save you time and resources while delivering top performance. It will tackle all the stubborn stains effectively and leave your clothes looking sparkling clean. It has a simple and straightforward operation which makes it extremely easy to use.

Polystar Top Loader Washing Machine PV-WD4.5K has been designed to meet the laundry needs of your family. It has a powerful pulsator which ensures best result always. This top load washer is made from high grade materials which guarantees it stands the test of time. Its plastic body is rust-proof so it will continue to retain its nice appearance. It can be used to wash all kinds of clothes in a short space of time. The good thing about this top loader washing machine is that it lets you wash more clothes per cycle. It is a great choice for every home.
Key features
Top Loader Washing Machine
Magic Filter Screen
Low Power Consumption
Powerful Pulsator
Product Line:kallymall
Weight (kg):3


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